hey y’all hope you’re all having an awesome halloween

unfortunately i haven’t had a lot of time to post regularly on here but if you’d like some candy in spirit of the holiday check out the candy tag here.

happy halloween!


Transparent PancakesMade by Totally Transparent

hello all you magnificent lovers of food how’s everyone doing?

i’d just like to take the time to say i’m sorry i haven’t been very active lately. it’s the summer before freshman year of college and i’m trying to enjoy the weather and time with family. i’ll be more active in the next few weeks i promise!!! in the meantime, why don’t y’all also take a break from tumblr and whatnot and just enjoy the summer break with friends/family/super cute pets?

oh and i’ve noticed tumblr added the activity page so i thought maybe i’d promote my biggest fans of the week (according to tumblr’s actvity page):

  1. lacerated—-lullabies
  2. quick-cash
  3. no-x-thanks
  4. serachingforintresstingthings

check out their amaze balls blogs and happy summer!

Anonymous said: What program do you use to make your pictures transparent?

photoshop cs6

Anonymous said: do you have a link for your theme?

you can preview here

and dowload here

Anonymous said: You've probably already got asked this before but do you edit all your pictures yourself? Like make them transparent.. btw I LOVE your blog it's amazing Your doing a great thing for the world providing amazing food pictures for everyone to see and making me hungry as fuck but good work :) Have a great day!!


most of these photos are edited by me; i’d say probably around 95%-ish. some i find on and around the web but i always edit them to some¬†extent¬†(sharpening, color adjustment, etc). as for the rest, i reblog from other radical tumblr blogs